Avoid Costly Mistakes
Accidents do happen, however mistakes can be avoided. Having your vehicle repaired at a facility that specializes in Volkswagen repair in Costa Mesa will help you avoid potentially costly mistakes. At Hansa Motors we have the right people with the right tools, parts and knowledge to get the job done right the first time.

Toyota, Ford and Volkswagen are all totally different vehicles, different engineering and design goes into each of them. You don’t go to a veterinarian for your physical, and you don’t take your dog to your family doctor, so why take your car to someone that doesn’t work on German vehicles. Don’t waste your time on a mechanic that works primarily on domestic vehicles, get one that knows German engineering.

Take your Vehicle to a Specialist
Taking your car to a shop that specializes in Volkswagen repair in Fountain Valley ensures that your car will be repaired correctly by a trained ASE certified repair technician who knows German automobiles. All of our work adheres to strict standards and our technicians will follow and maintain all of your vehicles warranties.

When looking for VW repair in Newport Beach come to us. We are the premier dealer alternative for Volkswagen repair in New Port Beach and we will prove it to you.

Long Standing Reputation
Hansa Motors has been a leading name in the German automotive repair for the past 37 years. We have the experience and we know your vehicle. If you want a high quality mechanic that specializes in German vehicles without paying a high dealership price then come find us. We are located on McFadden Ave in Huntington Beach and we are proud to be the shop you go to for Volkswagen repair in Orange County, CA.

What does Hansa Offer?

  • We offer the same high-quality repair services as a dealership, at a fraction of the cost.
  • We offer personalized service which includes providing you with accurate detail on the status of your vehicle repair.
  • We offer accurate estimates. We provide detailed estimates won’t give you any surprises. What you see on the estimate is what you will pay.
  • We offer fast turnaround time. Your Volkswagen vehicle will be done when we told you it would be, we don’t make you wait for hours, while we just finish it up.
  • We offer affordable prices that won’t force into getting a second mortgage just for an auto repair

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