Land Rover Repair


Your Land Rover has served you faithfully, and to keep it that way for the years to come, you need to keep it serviced with scheduled maintenance. The better you maintain your Land Rover the less likely you will be stuck with a large repair.

Hansa Motors is an expert for Land Rover repair in Huntington Beach. Let us look over your vehicle and make sure that it remains in tip-top shape. Our team of experts will not only look at the state of your engine, brakes and belts but also look at a few of the basics that you didn’t even think about.

Road conditions can do a number on your tires. Just the standard wear and tear of every day driving takes its toll, but then you also have construction. Badly maintained roads are bad enough, but when you hit construction where they’ve taken a layer off the road and your car suddenly drops 3” that can really hurt. If you have under or over inflated tires, or badly worn tires then that makes it even worse. All these sudden drops and bad roads can even affect your alignment.

Our technicians are experienced in Land Rover repair in Costa Mesa, and will look at your tires for you to ensure that they have the correct air pressure. They will also look at your tread wear and tire alignment.

Windshield Wipers

You may not get the snow and ice that others deal with, but you have the harsh rays of the sun which beats down on your vehicle. Over time those harsh rays will destroy your wiper blades, leaving you with a streaky mess when you finally need them.

For maintenance and Land Rover Repair in Fountain Valley come see the experts at Hansa Motors, we will make sure that your wiper blades are in working order. This is just one of the many things we do for you and your vehicle.

Air Conditioning

Has it been a while since you have used your air conditioning?, Shouldn’t you have an expert in Land Rover Repair, in Newport Beach, check it out? After all, it’s not fun to find out that your A/C doesn’t work when the summer heat suddenly kicks in.

At Hansa Motors we have the top of the line diagnostic systems and can quickly tell if there is anything wrong with your vehicle and all of our technicians are certified to work on Land Rovers.

Next time you are looking for Land Rover repair in Orange County, or just basic maintenance, visit Hansa Motors.The fact that we have been serving Southern California for 37 years, shows that we are the experts in vehicle repair and customer service.

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