Audi service


German engineering requires ASE certified mechanics who have years of experience on German vehicles. While most vehicles are relatively similar to one another, the devil is in the details. German engineering is precise and when you own a finely tuned German car such as an Audi, the internal mechanics of the vehicle are going to be different from a Chevy, Ford or Toyota. Because of this, you want to find someone who is able to work on an Audi and who has the necessary knowledge, certifications and experience.

Hansa Motors has been working on German vehicles in Southern California for over 30 years. We employ only the best ASE Certified Technicians and operate the most up-to-date diagnostic equipment. Which is why when you are searching for the German repair services throughout California, you settle only on Hansa. We ensure that your vehicle gets the care and service it deserves.

For Audi repair in Costa Mesa come see us and we will fully inspect your vehicle, and provide you with a detailed analysis or any required work. Our staff is trained to work with Audis and knows exactly what to look for.

For your Audi, you want only the best. Mechanics who work on other vehicles are capable of identifying more obvious problems, but the smaller issues are going to evade them, simply because they do not have the knowledge or experience with Audis. This is why you need to bring your Audi to a shop that knows German engineering, inside and out.

When looking for Audi repair in Fountain Valley come see us and we will be able to spot the small problems before they become big ones. We do Audi repair in New Port Beach and Audi repair in Orange County, CA as well as most of the Southern California region. Because we are an independent shop, we have a lower overhead than the standard dealerships, which we pass on to our customers in an effort to keep the cost of repairs down. We also repair your vehicle correctly the first time, ensuring that there is no need to return for the same issue. When another mechanic misses an inexpensive fix, it eventually turns into a more expensive problem. That is exactly why you need to bring it into an Audi specific facility.

Our state of the art facility is clean and organized, and we take pride in making our customers feel comfortable. Visit us at 7501 McFadden Avenue in Huntington Beach, CA.

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